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Georgia’s Prime Minister Meets Health Care Experts

Foreign Experts Hail Georgia’s Efforts in Improving Healthcare System

Healthcare expert Dr. Jean Elie Malkin, a Director UNAIDS Regional Support Team for Europe and Central Asia, has positively appraised a memorandum Georgian Minster of Labor, Health and Social Protection David Sergeenko has signed with the international consulting group of Global Alliance for Health and Social Compact.

“I am sure the Georgian government has taken a positive step that additionally proves the government prioritizes the public healthcare direction. The Georgian government realizes public health is a fundamental value as a support for developing the state economic and the country. The implemented reforms will further improve the living conditions of Georgian citizens.

The group of top experts from various European countries represents the international consulting group in the healthcare and medical sector. We will work with Georgian experts to make the healthcare reforms successful and ease an access of Georgia citizens to high-quality European-standard healthcare services. The process will proceed transparently and openly. We will jointly develop the world’s innovative model on the ground of experience of our experts”, Jean Eli Malkin noted.