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Luka Chachibaia: GWP will Invest 200 million GEL in Three Years

The company “Georgian Water and Power” talks about the activities carried out in 2018 and plans for 2019.

According to Luka Chachibaia, Director of Operations Management, GWP has done more than 140 km of water and sewerage network this year.

The network was also started in areas where the water supply was not previously available. Chachibaia explains that the company plans to invest 200 million GEL in the current year and over the next two years. 200 million GEL includes both infrastructural works and other investment projects.

“This year we have upgraded more than 140 km of water and sewerage network. On the one side of the Kakheti highway we have started road repair works and will be completed in several days.

We have implemented quite large projects this year, for example, Kostava and Shartava streets have completely changed our networks. In addition, throughout the city such as Vazisubani, Varketili, Gldani. Urban development as well as water and water supply networks in areas where there is no historical water supply such as Bethania, Kvesheti, Kaklebi. In these places the entire 35 km long network is provided. At this stage we have a 4000-kilometer network of services and 35% of these are already renewed, “said Luka Chachibaia.

Besides the fact that the company renovated the 140-kilometer network this year, the strategic projects such as rehabilitation and modernization of Gardabani treatment plant and construction of the Bodorona hydroelectricity were completed.

Guram Akhvlediani, head of GWP Investment Management Department explains that 60 million GEL was invested on rehabilitation of Gardabani treatment plant.

“This is an inseparable part of the capital system that provides waste and wastewater treatment and this purified water will return to nature,” says Akhvlediani.

As for Bodornahesi, he said construction was completed in early October, which cost 10 million GEL.

“The so-called Green Hesi was built on existing infrastructure. This is a 2.5 MW power plant with an average output of 15 million kilowatts, “Akhvlediani said.

In addition to infrastructural projects Georgian Water and Power is investing in the field of specialists’ qualification. As representatives of the company explain, they have created a training center where preparation of specialists in engineering and operational services is carried out.