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Excavation Completed for the Longest Tunnel in Georgia

Longest Tunnel Unveiled in Georgia

Very important news for Georgia’s railroad infrastructure-excavation for the longest tunnel in Georgia (almost 8.5 km) is finalized. Kvishkheti-Zvare Tunnel, is part of the modernization project of the Tbilisi-Makhinjauri Mainline.

According to the Head of Government, the implementation of this project is vital for the development of the country’s infrastructure

“The implementation of this far-reaching project will increase the capacity of the railroad line, enhance the security of trains passing through this section and, equally importantly, further reduce travel time between Tbilisi and Batumi.

Georgian Railway is investing much effort to implement this project on time and in line with relevant standards. We expect the project to be finalized by 2020. Thus, we will have brand new railroad infrastructure along the Tbilisi-Makhinjauri route,” the Prime Minister stated.

According to Giorgi Kvirikashvili, the railroad modernization project is part of the most extensive component of the Government’s four-point reform agenda, spatial planning, and its implementation will put in place brand new infrastructure meeting modern standards, with its up-to-date railroad stations, ports and airports, and tourism infrastructure.

As the Head of Government pointed out, the process of implementing all these far-reaching projects does not only take note of the best international practice but also engages in this process teams of foreign experts, specialists, and acclaimed builders.

According to the Prime Minister, one such group is the China Railroad 23rd Bureau in charge of constructing complex engineering structures along the pass section of the railroad. Giorgi Kvirikashvili expressed his gratitude to them for their efforts and emphasized that the project’s supervision is provided by ILF and DB International, the winning consortium in the relevant tender.

“I avail myself of this opportunity to thank former Director at Georgian Railway Mamuka Bakhtadze for carrying out crucially important work and wish him success in his current capacity of Finance Minister; I believe in his success,” the Prime Minister emphasized.

Giorgi Kvirikashvili, in his speech, singled out the country’s exceptional geographic location. According to the Prime Minister, the fact that Georgia is a natural corridor between Europe and Central Asia offers the country ample opportunity to play an important role in the region, including in terms of trade and international freight transport.

“We have a great opportunity to reclaim our historical function along the New Silk Road. This project is extremely important for increasing our country’s transit potential. Developed transport and logistics infrastructure is a vital factor in ensuring the private sector’s competitiveness and also a great opportunity to do business regionally and globally alike.

In addition, the Tbilisi-Makhinjauri Mainline project is equally important for the development of the Anaklia Deep-Sea Port. These two projects will substantially change Georgia’s transit potential and economic landscape, which is why we prioritize their successful implementation. These projects are to make a tremendous difference in the country.

We are aware of the Anaklia Development Consortium negotiating with Chinese companies. On behalf of the Georgian Government, we prioritize significant Chinese presence in this project. Fairly soon, November 28-29, the important One Road-One Belt forum will be held as a reflection of the Chinese Government’s, specifically the Chinese President’s initiative to revive the Silk Road’s economic belt. We are expecting a sizeable delegation from China, the Chinese Government’s representatives, and we are looking forward to discussing new economic initiatives under this project.

Finally, I must emphasize that every investment, every project serves the wellbeing of our citizens, which is why we have taken on ten times the responsibility and multiplied our efforts. We focus in prudent planning and quality. Our objective is to make effective use of the country’s potential and to provide our citizens with solid guarantees of a stable, peaceful, and better life.
I am convinced that we will succeed,” the Prime Minister said.
The event was attended by Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China to Georgia Ji Yanchi, CEO at the China Railroad 23rd Bureau Xiao Hong Wu, Georgian Finance Minister Mamuka Bakhtadze, members of the Cabinet, and other guests.

The Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China expressed deep gratitude to the Prime Minister for continuously supporting the two countries’ lasting relations.

“I agree with the Prime Minister’s assessment of China-Georgia relations and the Silk Road project. It is rewarding to see a politician like Mr. Kvirikashvili in Georgia who has a strategic vision and plays an important role in the building of Georgia and imparting to it an important role of a country linking Europe and Asia,” Ji Yanchi stated.