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Levan Koberidze – Indicator of Job Place Growth is Optimistic

Levan Koberidze, a member of the parliamentary majority, says that the job index published by Geostat is optimistic. “It’s quite optimistic and positive. All this is correctly figured for economic and fiscal reforms and promised 4-point plan in the pre-election period.

We are confident that we will soon achieve the result and the overall goodness and wealth that the country is accumulating and collecting,will be perceived by more people. That’s an inclusive economy – economy that every citizen should feel – is our task, and we pay maximum attention to small and medium businesses, “Koberidze said.

According to him, a number of reforms have already been implemented. The Government and the Parliament are working on the rapid implementation of the Credit-Guarantee Fund, which is expected to come into force from Autumn.

“This project and this mechanism of access to financial resources will facilitate the rapid growth of small and medium businesses, which will be reflected primarily on the employment of citizens. This is our primary concern and main challenge, “said deputy.

According to Geostat data, the number of jobs in the first quarter of 2018 increased by 5.3%, including the number of  job places increased by 5.7%.