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Commercial director of “Agro Solutions”, Irakli Chikava.

Let’s Produce What’s More Profitable, Rather Then What We Love

Lately, the agricultural projects announced by the government stimulated the development of the agricultural sector. Consequently, it raised the interests of many local and foreign businesspeople in the agricultural business sectors. When stepping into a new sphere, it is necessary to get support from professional consultants  for making correct estimations.

“Agro Solutions” is the only consulting company that specializes in agriculture. “Agro Solutions” supports businesspeople and farmers to make correct agricultural decisions. We contacted the commercial director of “Agro Solutions”, Irakli Chikava.

C: Mr. Irakli, how long have you been operating on the market and what is the focus of Agro Solutions?

– It is already the second year since the company “Agro Solutions” has been successfully operating on the market. We provide full agricultural consulting services to interested parties. Consulting begins with the generation of the ideas all the way to “turn-key project solutions”. There are cases where a client owning lands, buildings and certain infrastructure is unaware of the best ways to utilize those assets. In such case, we conduct market research and provide business ideas. We develop a business plan and support them in raising funds. We provide full legal and financial consultation. With the client’s permission and will, we implement Turn Key project solutions and provide complete project management.

C: Is there interest and demand for your services on the Georgian market?

– During the latest period, there is rise in number of people interested in the agricultural sector. Accordingly, provision of the right and professional consultation is crucial. Agriculture is a very specific sphere. Therefore, precise risk analysis is crucial. One mistake or wrong decision can hinder the development of a business and create a high chance of failure. Accordingly, we are very happy that the many people interested in agriculture apply to receive the services of “Agro Solution”. Before reaching the final decision, they contact our company to get professional advice. Then, with the right analysis, estimations and strategies, they begin their activities.

C: Are foreign investors interested in the Georgian agricultural sector and are you involved in any international projects?

– The activities of the state and the projects of the Agricultural Project’s Management Agency (APMA) resulted in foreign investors discovering Georgia’s agricultural potential. In addition to good climate and soil conditions, our taxation system is attractive for investors. Our company is the member of several international organizations and, therefore, we regularly communicate with investors. Currently, we are implementing three international projects in Georgia. The investors are from Europe, America and Saudi Arabia. Unfortunately, at this stage, we are unable to publicize the names of the companies and projects as the concluded agreement prohibits us from doing so. Hopefully, everyone will soon be able to hear about those projects.

C: What are the common problems found in the sector?

– That is a good question. The major problem is the lack of knowledge and the limited amount of experience and professionals. The decisions made due to the lack of professional expertise leads to very poor results.

Agro Solutions gathered Georgian professionals in the field who have up-to-date knowledge. However, we have learned that for certain fields we lack qualified local resources. Therefore, we had to involve foreign experts and use their services.

C: What would you advise farmers starting agribusinesses?

– First, I would advise them to farm products that are more profitable rather then what they love.

It is important to make accurate estimations, to assess risks correctly and to develop a business plan based on a pessimistic scenario. It will aid them identifying long-term perspectives of their businesses. It is also necessary to focus production based on their latest and best achievements and to hire professional staff.

The company “Agro Solutions” wishes success to all the current and future farmers.