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Road from Ushguli to Lentekhi

Lentekhi-Ushguli-Mestia Motorway Construction Works to Start in August

The Kutaisi-Lentekhi-Ushguli-Mestia motorway construction works will start in 2016. The project is valued at 100 million GEL.

The tender has been announced and construction works are expected to start in August”, Giorgi Seturidze, head of the road department of the Ministry of Regional Development and Infrastructure, told the Guardian.ge news agency.

“The Lenthekhi-Mestia motorway is 100km in length, including 48km – from the Mestia side and about 25 km from Lentekhi side. The tender was announced in 4 lots, while the fourth one is being revised and its tender will be announced  in several days.

This year the 48-km section construction works will start. We hope the works will be successfully organized. The road construction works will start this year  and will end in the next year.

As to the remaining 59-km section, we suppose and we will do everything to start the works at the beginning of 2018. To be precise, the works will start in 2017 and move to 2018. We plan to finish the works by the end of 2018.

At this stage, selection-assessment period is underway. Agreements with pretenders will be signed in legal timeframes and we suppose that they will start activities in August”, the Roads Department Chairman noted.

The Lentekhi-Ushguli-Mestia road  construction project will be financed from the state budget and all interested parties are able to receive due information. The Government will spend about 100 million GEL in the road rehabilitation, Giorhgi Seturidze noted.

According to the Lentekhi-Ushguli section rehabilitation project, the road passes by settlements from the east and leads to Ushguli and then to Mestia.

The road will cross 36 villages, including Sakdari, Margvishi, Lashkheti villages. This section will enable passengers to get to Mestia by shortest way via Tsageri-Lentekhi. The Lentekhi-Mestia connection tunnel will be also constructed, Seturidze noted.

“This is progress. The Government provides active job in this direction. Detailed information will be released about the tunnel construction in the near future. But serious research work is required here to precisely plan what size of tunnel we will need and now we plan to launch preparing feasibility studies and a precise design”, Giorgi Seturidze noted.

Intense works are underway by the government instructions and we will do our best to have full information and figures in 2017 to take respective decision, he added.

“This year we cannot implement the tunnel project. This is a large-scale project. Preparation of each project will take huge time, maybe at least one year. The Road Department is working on submitting a precise document to the government”, Giorgi Seturidze noted.