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Larization Program Hikes Prices in Tourism Sector

Gudauri HeliSki founder Vato Asatashvili talks about tourism sector problems as a result of Larization project. Travel companies make expensive offers for insurance their businesses.

“The law enables to provide ambiguous interpretations. The text does not specify when to indicate prices in GEL and when not. Many players have indicated very high prices.

Prices have increased on the market. Larization initiative should not concern tourism sector because of different specifications – we have to work in foreign currency”, Asatashvili noted.

At the same time, Asatashvili pointed out that Georgia has not fully employed its tourism potential. Tourism infrastructure is one of the components for that.

“Our country is a developing, but unstable country, because we have not systematized platforms.

I would especially name highland regions, despite various programs are being implemented, however, a lot should be still done. Private sector cannot develop all directions. We need tourism infrastructure and new hotels. Small highland hotels are important and this direction is being developed. Several similar facilities will open in regions. As a result, local residents will be employed and local economic activities will be intensified.

I would like to stress that several more years are necessary to shape Georgia as a developed country. However, it is wonderful that we have progress in this respect and I hope the process will be continued in this positive tendency.

We want to offer air transportation services to such sectors as development sector, because it adheres to old-fashioned and traditional methods. In this case we offer fast and cost-efficient transportation. There are locations without motorways and we can resolve this problem with minimum expenditures.

We also want to commercialize rescue services. We should understand that this is business, not obligation. Any person should be able to contact us for rescue services thanks to any insurance company”, Asatashvili noted.