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Lali Andriashvili: Primary Health System Services should Be Optional

Doctor of medicine Lali Andriashvili, a head of  the Therapy House, appraises the current situation in the primary health system.

Today the primary health system remains in unfavorable conditions, while the medical staff’s professional level is questionable and unreliable, Lali Andriashvili noted.

“The primary health system is a very serious chain, where patients primarily apply to. Therefore, the professional level in this chain must be excellent and doctors must have sufficient time. But the current reality suggests that the staff’s competence is very questionable and the doctors are also limited in time, because the primary health system is less-financed. Therefore, I believe the primary health system must be reformed. I welcome these reforms and I hope these reforms will remove all obstacles in the primary heath system”, Andriashvili said.

“I would like to more profoundly explain what I mean in changes. I believe the doctor should have unlimited access to patients and medical documentation of patients. Secondly, patients should have the opportunity to apply to qualified and professional doctors.  The third and very important thing is that doctors should have enough time to valuably and thoroughly examine patients. This issue is directly related to the salary of doctors, because well-paid  doctors will always find enough time to examine patients thoroughly, as they will not try to get rid of patients as soon as possible”, Lali Andriashvili said.

“Optional services are also very important so as patients have the opportunity to makes choice which doctors to visit. This signifies patients should not be ascribed to one doctor. Patients should be able to choose desirable doctors and even change doctors. Moreover, doctors should keep tight communications with each other in terms of information and data exchange”, Andriashvili said and added the primary health system should be treated in a complex way. Only in this case the government will be able to spare state resources.

“The primary health system should bear significant portion of the burden and properly distribute patients to inpatient clinics if necessary. In this way the government will spare the resources”, Lali Andriashvili said.

As reported, Georgian Health Minister David Sergeenko has recently announced an inauguration of the primary health system reformation. International consulting company Global Allianceswill provide overall support to the Georgian Health Ministry in the system reformation process.

By Nutsa Galumashvili
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