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Kumsishvili Submitted Projects of 7 bln to the big Corporations of China

Vice-Premier talked about Georgian economic environment, favorable investment climate and ongoing reforms at the business forum held in Shanghais, which had been attended by authorities of big corporations.

“We will represent investment projects of 7 billion at our business forum and I am sure that it would have a respond”, – Dimitri Kumsisihvili has declared to the representatives of media before the beginning of the forum.

The first Vice-Premier has introduced macro economic indexes to the participants of the forum. According to him, Georgian economy has the best result of economic growth despite the slow down of economic increase pace. He also declares, that Georgia has direct foreign growth pace.

He talked about trade development, investment growth and Chinese companies in Georgia, new Silk Road Project and its development. He noted about the negotiations of free trade expansion, which should be finished before the end of 2016.

Dimitri Kumsishvili has also talked about another meeting of Georgia-China and a result, joint trade and investment council will be formed. According to the agreement, secretaries of the council will be established and representatives of private and state sector should be invited. The main aim of the mentioned structure will change information on the entrepreneurs, investment attraction, trade development and arrangement of all problems, which might be created to this direction.

After presentation, B2B meetings were held at the business forum after the presentations and representatives of business circles of Georgia and China have discussed issues of future cooperation.