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#June13: A Month Since the Tragedy

The State Budget Mobilizes over 25 million GEL

The June 13 natural disaster in the Vere Gorge has sacrificed 20 individuals. Three citizens are still missing. The flood has inflicted losses and damages to about 160 families. Part of the houses will be rehabilitated, while 10 families are still unsheltered. A month has already passed since the natural disaster. This is a very short period to provide valuable assistance to the natural disaster victims, alleviate their pain for deceased relatives and family members. At the same time, this is a sufficient period for the society to receive answers to pertinent questions.

The iPress news agency published a short report about the government, business sector, politicians and the society’s activities aimed at alleviating the burden inflicted on the natural disaster victims, for preventing new available natural disasters and rehabilitating the damaged zones. According to the Finance Ministry decision, special GEL and USD accounts have opened at the state treasury to assist the natural disaster victims and finance the natural disaster liquidation works. A separate account has opened at the state treasury for making money transfers to the Tbilisi municipal budget.

At this stage, the account for the natural disaster results liquidation and victims assistance has mobilized 24 611 618 GEL, 882 710 USD and 71 927 EUR, including contributions from the private sector and physical bodies made up 10 457 959 GEL, 882 710 USD and 71 937 EUR.

The Business Sector’s Contribution

The business sector has mobilized about 10 million GEL for the natural disaster results liquidation works. Over 100 companies have transferred about 10 million GEL to the special account for the June 13 victims assistance and the capital city rehabilitation. The companies have also supplied various products, including drinking water, medications and construction materials.

International Media on Tbilisi Flood

International media agencies have widely covered the June 13 natural disaster outcomes. The world’s distinguished editions and online news agencies such as  BBC, Telegraph, Reuters and other ones have thoroughly covered the Tbilisi tragedy. On July 8 the Guardian published a vast and summarizing article about the June 13 natural disaster in Tbilisi.

The article’s author Andrew North writes foreign news agencies were mainly making emphasis on the escaped Zoo animals, while Andrew himself expresses admiration with the hospitality Georgian citizens have showed despite the tragedy days. “But on one of several, visits to families hit by the disaster, I was treated instead to typical Georgian hospitality. “I’m so sorry I can’t invite you inside for tea,” apologised Ilia Mosikashvili, pointing towards her house, half of which now hangs over a precipitous drop after the ground beneath was washed away,” Andrew North writes.

In his article, Andrew also overviews the developments, but he does not confine with only negative events and finishes his article with positive and encouraging mood.

‘Back at the zoo, Sharashidze puffs nervously on a cigarette. “There used to be only two smokers here,” she says. “Now almost all of us are.” But they have had some good news since the disaster. A rare Caucasian red deer, which the zoo is helping to protect as part of a WWF-backed conservation project, has just given birth to a young female calf. Gurielidze has named her “Pyrra,” after one of only two survivors of the giant flood in Greek mythology ordered by the god Zeus”, Andrew has finished his articles in this positive way.

The Bank Sector’s Contribution

Commercial banks have also allocated money resources for liquidation of the natural disaster outcomes. Cartu Bank has made a major contribution and mobilized 2.5 million GEL. VTB Bank donations marked 1% of the 2014 profits and constituted 207 575 GEL. Liberty Bank transferred 100 000 GEL for the liquidation works. TBC Bank’s contribution made up 50 000 GEL. Bank of Georgia assistance made up 100 000 GEL. Progress Bank mobilized 50 000 GEL. Bank Republic transferred 30 000 GEL and PASHA Bank mobilized 10 000 GEL.

Moreover, TBC Bank has taken a decision on pardoning loans to the natural disaster victim physical bodies. This signifies the June 13 victims, who are registered in the Tbilisi City Hall official lists, will not have to pay off TBC Bank loans.

Insurance Sector’s Contribution

The natural disaster has damaged hundreds of vehicles, private property and refueling stations. For the month, the insurance companies have fully described the losses, while a part of them has remunerated the losses to clients by 100%. Aldagi insurance company losses marked 1.5 million GEL. The company’s losses from auto insurance made up 0.5 million GEL, while the remaining losses came from the real estate.

GPI company losses made up 700 000 GEL. The company has remunerated 65% of the losses. The ratio of auto insurance losses made up 70%, the remaining losses came from the real estate of legal and physical bodies. GPI Holding company has insured distribution vehicles of Vake Meat Products Plant. The company losses will be remunerated by 100% and it will receive 210 000 GEL compensation.