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Jean-Elie Malkin on Current and Future Developments in Georgia’s Healthcare

Georgia continues working on its Hepatitis C elimination program. Initial results of the program are already visible.

Jean-Elie Malkin, president of consulting group Global Alliance, who is activly involved in launching Hepatitis C elimination program, recently talked and assessed  current and future developments in Georgia’s healthcare.

” I am very happy because you know that we are engaged now for few weeks on side of Government in a very collaboration in order to improve the health system in Georgia. I am very proud to participate in this initiative, and as Mr. Minister has already said Georgia has already done a lot of success on this way first of all it was the universal health coverage, the second one will be the success I hope. Step by step there will be seen some priorities which will address within the overall framework of process of improving the health system” – noted Dr.Malkin.

Malking also emphasized the fact that C hepatitis elimination program, has been widly acknowledged, “I just want to emphases that for us I see this as is a kind of unique opportunity, a kind of unique challenge, this is not only the pilot program it is really world wide program, the people are looking on to this experience because there could be a huge step in fighting this epidemics and addressing overall health system”

At the conference an engaging discussion was held among the participants, including NCDC and the ministry and the CDC, and the Hepatitis C elimination program leaders.

“I am very happy to welcome not to the international experts but they are also my friends, I know them for a long time I used to work with them and I am very happy to welcome here, with you Mr. Minister, this two people which I am sure will give a very big value and input into  the discussion around  this important issue.” – added Malkin.