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Jean-Elie Malkin

Jean-Elie Malkin: Survey Will Increase Society’s Access to High-Quality Healthcare Services

The social initiative “What Hurts?” was launched on January 25. The project was jointly developed by the Ministry of Labor, Health and Social Protection of Georgia and Global Alliance company.

The project calls for conducting a public inquiry through special questionnaires. The new initiative will assist the Ministry to precisely determine the current medical and healthcare needs in the society. The questionnaire may be filled out on the www.1505.ge website, as well as at the regional healthcare offices. The social research company will process and summarize the inquiry results.

The Global Alliance president Jean-Elie Malkin talks about the activities and goals in the Georgian health sector, the importance and necessity of the project implementation.

In April 2015 the government of Georgia and Global Alliance international consulting group sealed an agreement on  developing innovative instruments and directions for improving the Georgian healthcare system management.

Global Alliance, our experts and the Georgian Health Ministry have been jointly and efficiently working for improving the Georgian health system. This is very tight and efficient cooperation and this cooperation deepens day by day. I would like to express my deep gratitude to personally Mr. Minister and the Health Ministry employees for efficient collaboration in order to supply affordable and high-quality health services to the Georgian society.

Dr.Jean-Elie, what was your objective and have you reached them? What steps has Alliance taken? What is the objective of this social campaign “What do you worry about” and what results should we expect from this initiative?

-The mentioned initiative was developed as a result of our cooperation, because we are working on covering all directions in the Healthcare system to improve the whole system.

This initiative will drive the further improvement of the public health and increase attainability and affordability of high-quality medical services. This initiative enables us to keep closer communication with the Georgian society and learn about their needs and expectations, because the system improvement is to advance the public healthcare issues.

What are the current problems in the Georgian healthcare system and what are the approaches of Global Alliance to resolve these problems? What additional advantages will this initiative bring?

The main thing is that the Health Minister is aware of problems and needs in the Georgian society thanks to his personal engagement and from his colleagues who work with the population at various medical facilities. This initiative will enable us to be closer to the population and receive more detailed information to outline and resolve specific issues.

How would you characterize the current health system in Georgia and do you see any resources and potential for establishing the European standards and norms in the country?

-This is available through close communication with the population and through outlining the public needs. Consequently, the Minister has stressed the importance of this initiative and the key principles. The population should be able to talk about their needs and problems. This is not a social research, but this inquiry will enable to make a deep analysis and this initiative will be implemented through the simplest mechanism – filling out an online questionnaire.

This initiative will enable to maximally efficiently improve the system and make it maximally beneficial for the population. This is very important for the Ministry, for us. As noted, Global Alliance tightly cooperatives with the Georgian Health Ministry.

Finally, how would you appraise the current operation of the Georgian Health Ministry?

-This initiative is a clear and manifest proof, as well as the cases in relation to the H1N1 virus. The Minister had provided a very good and efficient reaction to quickly respond to the public needs and their expectations. This reaction was an expression of efficient management. This was a very good and correct reaction aimed at enhancing response to similar challenges and increasing engagement of family doctors for efficient management of these processes.

This fact reaffirms the necessity of continuation of primary health system reforms that is the priority of the Minister and our joint program – improvement of the primary healthcare system and continuation of the operation in this direction.

As reported, under the agreement between Global Alliance and the Georgian government, the health system improvement documents have been already developed. These documents call for reorganizing the primary healthcare chain, increasing cost efficiency, adjusting the system to the European healthcare norms and broadening an access to medical services and medications, integrating the health system into European legislation and establishing the European standards of management. At this stage, all these documents are being translated into Georgian.

The Georgian Government has decided to extend the agreement with Global Alliance up to May 1, 2016.