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Jean-Elie Malkin: “We Will Give the Minister Full Support as Global Alliance”

Jean-Elie Malkin, president of the Global Alliance for Health and Social Compact, reinstated his support to Georgia’s healthcare.

Dr. Malkin gave a brief update prior to the three-year report that will be presented by Georgia’s Minister of Health, David Sergeenko, and acknowledged the Minister’s commitment to healthcare and ensured that improvements were underway.

“As president of the Global Alliance, I have been working with the Minister and his colleagues for more than six months. I can assure you that we are moving forward to improve the health system,” stated Dr. Malkin.

He further emphasized the progress made for introducing universal health coverage and praised the Minister’s efforts in making the coverage both effective and cost-efficient. Jean-Elie Malkin also commented on the program aimed at eliminating hepatitis C.

“I would like to emphasize the huge and unique program for reduction of hepatitis C, which is the first of its scale in the world. It will make Georgia into an example for all countries affected by hepatitis C,” noted Dr. Malkin.

For future prospects, Dr. Malkin stated that primary health care has been set as a priority by the Minister of Health, and that the Global Alliance was working very hard to improve it on its own, further emphasizing the importance of saving the care delivery system by focusing on primary healthcare for the population.

“I would like to encourage the minister and to ensure him that we will give him full support as Global Alliance to move together in order to improve health system in Georgia,“ said Jean-Elie Malkin in the statement.

By Lazare Gvimradze
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