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Japan Plans to Increase Kiwi Imports from Georgia

Japan-based Company Agri plans to increase Kiwi imports from Georgia.

Tetsuya Sakomato, president of the company spoke about Georgian kiwi potential on the Japanese market at the meeting with the Minister of Agriculture of Georgia.  He noted that kiwi culture has great potential of development in Georgia because the climatic conditions are fully compatible with the development of export kiwi culture.

“Georgian kiwi has an excellent quality. If you consider kiwi sugar content, which determines its tasteful properties, the sugar content in Georgian one is 1.5% higher than in Japanese kiwi. We brought Georgian kiwi in Japan for the first time, which was greatly appreciated. I think that consumption of imported kiwi from Georgia will increase further this year. We are planning to grow export of kiwi in Japan”, – said the Japanese trading company “Agri”.

It should be noted that the company “Nergeta” exported kiwi’s trial party on the Japanese market in 2016. However, 100 t of kiwi is ready for export in the current year.