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January-October Foreign Trade Turnover Rose by 20.5%

Georgia’s foreign trade turnover in January-October 2018 (without undeclared trade) made up 10 305.9 million USD, up 20.5% as compared to the same period of 2017, including the exports totalled 2 751 million USD, up 24.5% and the imports amounted to 7 555 million USD, up 19.2%. Georgia’s negative trade balance in January-October made up 4 804 million USD, which is 46.6% of total foreign trade turnover.

In the same period, the exports without re-exports constituted 1 912.1 million USD, up 12 % year on year. 

According to early report by Geostat, national statistics service of Georgia, in January-October 2018 Georgia’s exports to EU countries made up 599.7 million USD, up 11.1% year on year, which is 21.8% of total exports. The imports amounted to 2 169.9 million USD, up 20.9% and total imports constituted 28.7%. Trade turnover with EU countries amounted to 2 769.7 million USD, up 18.6% year on year. As to trade deficit, its ratio in total negative trade balance constituted 32.7%.

Georgia’s exports to CIS countries made up 1 315.2 million USD, up 43.7% year on year and its ratio in total exports of Georgia is 47.8%. Imports totalled 2 197.2 million USD, up 19.4%, which is 29.1% in total imports. Trade turnover with CIS countries amounted to 3 512.4 million USD, up 27.4%. As to trade deficit, in January-October 2018, its ratio in negative trade balance equalled to 18.4%.