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Janos Herman: Georgia is Ready to Introduce EU Energy Sector Principles

EU ambassador to Georgia Janos Herman says Georgia is ready to implement the principles of EU energy sector, but he also notes it’s not simple introduction of transparent principles.

“Georgia is ready to introduce principles of EU energy sector and regulatory norms. For all of us it is clear that the road to the establishment of a more efficient and transparent natural gas market is not easy. In conjunction with other partners in development, the European Union is still ready to support the government and transform the existing challenge as an excellent opportunity for economic development and to provide better service for each resident,” said Janos Herman.

Georgia is launching natural gas reform and trying to approach EU standards. Georgia has committed to a two-year obligation to get closer to the EU legislation in the natural gas sector. The introduction of the EU’s third energy package will restructure the natural gas sector and open it up to competition, as well as provide significant benefits for consumers. Considering the fact that the process of transition to the new model of the market requires the effective and active involvement of sector participants, organizing high level political discussions in the process is of particular importance.

Details of the reforms were discussed at the meeting of the EU4Energy Governance Project (EU for Energy Management) implemented by the Energy Union Secretariat.