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Israel to Simplify Legal Job Quotas for Georgian Citizens

“We believe it is possible to increase the tourist inflows from Israel to Georgia  by 100%”, Mr. Itsik Moshe, president of the Georgia-Israel business chamber, told the Business Morning TV Program.

I have submitted a bilateral tourism development plan to the Minister of Tourism of Israel, Itsik Moshe said.

Today, the major problem is that many Georgian citizens enter Israel by tourist visas and then they stay in the country for working. Therefore, the Israeli government discusses the issue of increasing job quotas, Itsik Moshe noted.

“Over the past years Georgia-Israel tourism relations have increased 10 times. Currently, more than 70 000 citizens of Israel visit Georgia a year and we are sure this figure may increase by 100%.

As to investments,  Israeli investments were not made in Eastern Europe over the past years. Israeli investments are directed to Georgia. A new hotel will open in the near future. We have invited  a 500-member delegation in 2015 to introduce the country to them.

Wellness tourism is a considerable direction for Israeli tourists. This year 500 Israeli citizens, who used to visit Thailand previously, will stay at Rixos-Borjomi.

Bilateral cooperation is required for boost investment inflows, including business forums should be organized. Georgia is a genuine friend of Israel in this Region. We should provide serious job, but both governments should take part in it. Georgia should provide more initiative. Israel shows highest level of readiness ever.

In the last week I met with Israeli tourism Minister and agreed a plan on how to bolster tourism in Georgia. One direction calls for providing job visas to Georgians in Israel and, on the other hand, to simplify entrance for tourists. Israel has performed huge job. Tourists outside of Israel represent our homeland.

It is not a good moment, when  Georgian citizens enter Israel as tourists and then stay there for working. Israel is in a state of war and our country is various cautious in relation to illegal people. Therefore, we have to increase job limits to resolve this issue”, Itsik Moshe said.