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Itsik Mosche

Israel May Smooth Legal Job Visa Quotas for Georgian Citizens

“We believe that tourist inflows to Georgia from Israel may increase by 100%”, Itsik Moshe, president of the Georgia-Israel Business Chamber, told the Business Morning.

I have submitted a specific plan for tourism development between Georgia and Israel to the tourism Minister of Israel. Today many Georgian citizens arrive in Israel by tourism visas, but then they remain in Israel for working and this is a real problem. Therefore, the Israeli government may smooth legal job visa quotas for Georgian citizens, Itsik Moshe said.

“Georgia-Israel tourism relations have intensified about ten times. Today more than 70 000 Israeli citizens visit Georgia a year and we are sure this figure may increase by 100%.

As to investments, over the past years Israeli investments were not made in Eastern European countries, but these finances are coming to Georgia. A new hotel will open in Tbilisi in several days. In the past year, we invited a 500 person delegation for introducing Georgia to them.

Wellness tourism is an important direction. This year 500 tourists will arrive from Israel, who previously were visiting Thailand. They will stay at Rixos-Borjomi.

Bilateral efforts are required for boost investment inflows, including business forums. Israel does not have more friends in the Region except for Georgia. We should provide much job and both governments should take active efforts. Georgia should show more initiative. Israel is showing full readiness for cooperation.

In the previous week I met with Israeli tourism Minister and agreed a plan on how to boost tourism from Georgia to Israel. One direction implies an allocation of job visas to Georgian citizens in Israel. On the other hand, Georgian tourists will be able to easier enter Israel. Israel has performed much job to make clear that a tourist represents our country outside of Israel.

It is not a good moment when Georgian citizens enter Israel as tourists and then stay for working. Israel remains in a state of war and there is much caution regarding illegal residents. We plan to increase job visa quotas to bring the mentioned issues in order”, Itsik Moshe said.