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ISET: Tbilisi – the Cheapest City in June

In June the price of baking a standard Imeretian Khachapuri is 3.12 GEL, up 1.5% as compared to the price in May. The monthly index of Khachapuri is published by ISET that estimates dynamics of growth in prices of products in various cities of Georgia.

In June the price of ingredients required for cooking Khachapuri saw major growth in Kutaisi (9.2%). Prices in Batumi have not changed. Anyway, prices in Batumi still remain the highest in Georgia (3.51  GEL). The index declined by 3% in Telavi and made up 2.99 GEL.

Price of products have declined by 2.4% in Tbilisi and the index of cooking Imeretian Khachapuri made up 2.09 GEL, which is the lowest index in big cities of Georgia.

ISET explains the index reduction by seasonal reasons, because a major part of city residents has left Tbilisi.