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Ireland Emerges as Georgia’s Major Trade Partner

Ireland has replaced Turkey to be Georgia’s number one trade partner with a 14.8% ratio valued at 209 million USD.

In January-February 2016 the ratio of ten major trade partners in total foreign trade turnover made up 69%.

Turkey ranks second in the rating with 199 million USD. Russia is third with 117 million USD. China is fourth with 109 million USD. Azerbaijan is fifth with 103.8 million USD, Germany ranks sixth with 60.2 million USD, Ukraine is seventh with 52 million USD, Armenia is eighth with 49 million USD, Italy is ninth with 41 million USD and Bulgaria is tenth with 38 million USD.

According to Geostat, the national statistics service of Georgia, the foreign trade turnover declined by 2% to 1.413 billion USD, including the exports made up 281 million USD and the imports constituted 1.132 billion USD.

The exports dropped 13% year on year, while imports rose 1%. Georgia’s negative trade balance in January-February marked 852 million USD, i.e. 60% in foreign trade turnover.