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Iran to Export Tractor Assembly Line in Georgia

Iran to Export Tractor Assembly Line in Georgia

Iranian Heavy Industry Co., “Iranian Tractor Industrial Group“, which is one of the largest in the country, has a plan to enter on Georgian market. However, the first steps should take from Georgian side, announced  Arash Moazenzadeh, who is an expert in international relations issues.

As he noted with Georgian Journalists, Iranian Tractor competes with Turkish, Russian and Belorussian tractors. Thus, Georgian business and Georgian government should definitely take into account this fact.

“We would like to enter on Georgian market, however, the first steps should take Georgia. There were even no communication about this idea yet. In 2015, we have produced new tractors “ITMS 1500″. Such type of tractors are produced only in 5 countries, having 150 horsepower”. 

The price of tractor fluctuates between 50 000 to 60 000 US dollars in Iran. Whereas on global market it costs 100 000 US dollars. We also produce  ITMCO – 399 , having 110 horsepower, and consisting of 210 different types of parts. This latter one costs 20 000 US dollars but in Iran and it’s price on global market costs rather more. It will be better if Georgian side will be interested in our production, as we create them on place.

The expert of “Iran Tractor Industrial Group”, stated that the factory Tabriz produces up to 200 tractors and 16 different types of tractors per day.

“47 years ago, we were importing the pieces from Romania, but now we produce those pieces by ourselves”- says Moazenzadeh.

Except Iran, in 2 more other countries we are having factories where those pieces for tractor construction are produced. The factory launches more than 25 000 tractors in every year and it’s 70% is sold in Iran. Remained 30% is exported in abroad, in Afghanistan, Sudan, Iraq, Africa, Venezuela.

There are 5000 employees at the holding. Their average monthly salary is between 700 – 800 US dollars.

It is 50 years already that noted factory operates on the market in general, having 9 factories and functioning as the holding.