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Iran- Georgia B2B Forum on Technological Cooperation in Tbilisi

According to the public relations and information center of the Vice-Presidency of Iran  for science and technology affairs, business-to-business forum of technological products of Iran is the title of the first technological event of Iran in Georgia.

This event is established for maximum use of power of technological and knowledge-based companies in various areas in proportion to needs and capacities of companies to participate in this event.

In the main section, supportive organizations, development of technology of Iran and Georgia and companies eager to showcase their products, will be vastly present. In the business negotiation part, a proper environment is provided to showcase stands, catalogues. Moreover, a B2B table is prepared for business negotiations based on the activities of the demanding company. Number of meetings will be one-three based on the willingness of Georgian companies.

In the technology presentation part, a table and an environment are provided to show stands and catalogues to introduce products. In addition, during two days of the exhibition, more than 300 private and government Georgian companies will visit the exhibition.

The main areas of the exhibition include biotechnology, construction technology, medical and laboratory equipment, new energies, information and communication technology, electricity, nano technology, agriculture, drug products and medicine. Location of the exhibition and face-to-face meetings is the conference hall of Baltimore hotel in Tbilisi. This event will be held October 18th-19th, 2017. In addition, the event will be supported by the corridor of technology exchange and export development of the Vice-Presidency for science and technology affairs according to its supportive regulations the official website of the government body reported.

By Shiva Parizad
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