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Iran-Azerbaijan-Georgia Corridor to Launch in 1 Month

Iran, Azerbaijan and Georgia are carrying out a plan to make operational a long-overdue corridor that will carry shipments from the Black Sea – between Eastern/Southeastern Europe and Western Asia – to the Persian Gulf in the southeastern Middle East.

The announcement was made by Deputy Head of the Islamic Republic of Iran Railway Company for Operation Affairs Hossein Ashoori in an interview with Trend at the International Rail Business Forum on “Strategic Partnership 1520: The Caspian Region” in Baku.

“The corridor has not been used since our railway was not complete. Now, however, Iran, Georgia and Azerbaijan are willing to run the route,” he said.

“The sides have already reached agreements over the fare and also the time of the trip. We are hopeful to run the route in one month and take shipments to the Persian Gulf. The cargos will be carried from Romania to Georgia, then to Azerbaijan, and then to Iran.”

Although its part of the railroad is not complete, Iran has guaranteed to carry the shipments via road where railway is not ready, Ashoori explained.