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Audit Office Shares Infrastructure Projects which Funding is less than 50%

The Audit Office publishes the list of projects for which the appropriations allocated for the 8-month period are the lowest.

From 18 projects, spending money allocated for 6 projects did not start at all. These projects are: Construction of the bridge on the river Debada, construction of the km48- km 64 Grigoleti-Choloki section of Batumi, Batumi buses project, rehabilitation of public schools of Tbilisi and project of energy efficiency improvement, Ajara solid waste project and Kobuleti sewage project.

The total cost of these projects exceeds 64 million. The rate of withdrawal of the other sites varies from 1% to 47% per annum plan.

Rehabilitation and reconstruction of Khulo-Zarzma section of Batumi (Angisa) – Akhaltsikhe road section, rehabilitation and reconstruction of Chumateli-Kharagauli section of Dzirula-Moliti-Pona-Chumateti road section, integrated management of solid waste in Kutaisi, Georgian National Innovations ecosystem project, Vardnili and Enguri plants and other rehabilitation projects.

The total cost of these projects is more than 430 million GEL.

,,It is important for the implementing bodies to ensure the timely and efficient use of loans, as well as more attention to these projects in the next year’s plan and take into account the current status of the implementation of projects, in order to avoid the additional tax liability on the loan costs “, – said the Audit Office.