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Indian textile, Kutaisi

Indian and Turkish Textile Companies to Enter Kutaisi Free Industrial Zone

Indian and Turkish textile companies plan to launch operation in Kutaisi free industrial zone. Negotiations are underway with one of the Ukrainian companies too that plans to operate in the heavy industry direction. Namely, the Ukrainian company plans to manufacture compressors.

The Indian company is interested in 5 000 square meter territory in the Kutaisi FIZ to organize a big enterprise and make significant investments, several millions of USD, Soso Nibladze, director of Hualing FIZ told the Business Contact.

Meeting was already held with the company representatives and the process will be promoted to the next phase for carrying out preparatory works, including installation of technical equipment and drawing qualified staff, the FIZ director said.

As to Turkish company, it plans to organize a clothing factory. We have already met with the company representatives and internal discussions are being carried out in Turkey, the FIZ director noted.

The company plans to export products to Turkey and EU. As to Ukrainian heavy industry enterprise, similar enterprise does not exist in Georgia. Several meetings were held with the company representatives and negotiations are underway. If the negotiations are successful on all three projects, the companies will launch operation in the FIZ in 6 months, Nibladze said.

As to the intensity of FIZ operation , importer and exporter companies have easy access to the FIZ from various countries, including from Azerbaijan, Central Asia countries, which store products and then export them.

Hualing Free Industrial Zone in Kutaisi opened on October 1, 2015,. The Chinese company plans to invest 30 million UISD in the Kutaisi FIZ. According to the Georgian government’s decision, the Kutaisi FIZ will function for 30 years.