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In Georgia, Price of Autogas Set by Market Forces

According to “Ecogas” company, 0.05 GEL price hike for autogas recorded in recent years is associated only with the devaluation of the GEL, and if the dollar rate remains at 1.90-2.00, prices for this type of fuel will not increase.

Currently, price of one cubic meter of gas makes GEL 1.15  in the company’s gas stations – in December it was GEL 0.05 lower.

“We raised prices in order small companies to be able to survive and they not to be drown by the big players,” – an anonymous representative of “Ecogas”  told  “Commersant”.

“Gama”  gas refueling stations explain the rise in prices on autogas by a depreciation of the national currency as well.

According to David Chakhtauri, the company’s CEO, price hikes are due to the currency exchange rate rather than the international prices for autogas which have not changed for the last 2 years.

“If the GEL returns to a mark of 1.75 – 1.80, we’ll reduce the prices on the same day,” – he notes.

In his words, representatives of gas stations may seek help of the Prime Minister, although, he  did not specify the details.