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In 2015, Old-age Pensions to be Increased

Old-age pensions   will be increased in 2015, although to what extent is still unknown. The Minister of Finance said at  the Budget and Finance Committee meeting that the pension increase wasplanned for the years 2015 and 2016.

“A pension will be increased in 2015. The amount will be known  in the coming 2 months”, – said the Minister of Finance.

Khaduri explains that  before  Parliament approves the budget for the coming year at the end of December,  the pension amount will be envisaged in it.
Finance Minister Nodar Khaduri acquainted lawmakers with parameters of the 2015 state budget.Minister of Finance took part in the Budget and Finance Committee meeting.

Khaduri told journalists  before the meeting that budget priorities were known and social spending wasincreased significantly, as well as funding of the education sector and infrastructure costs.

Apart from that, Finance Minister says that work is going on with the Ministry of Health to improve the retirement package in 2015-2016.

According to  the Chairman  of the Budget and Finance Committee of Parliament David Onoprishvili, roughly, the pension will increase by GEL 5-10 per month.

“Such an increase in pensions was acceptable for  both the government and Parliament because such a resource can be found in the budget for raising the level of the pensions. Growth will be reflected in the final version of the budget that is planned to be adopted at the end of the year,”- said the MP.