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In 2014, the Number of Tourists in Adjara Increased by 10.41%

In the period from January to August 2014 the number of tourists visiting the Black Sea resorts of Adjara has increased by 10.41% – the Department of Tourism of Adjara Autonomous Republic states, citing data from the statistics service.

Turkey, Azerbaijan, Russia, Ukraine, Armenia and Poland are among the leaders in the number of tourists.
In comparison with 2013, the number of touristsfrom Kazakhstan increased by (63, 4%), Russia (37, 6%), Azerbaijan (35, 7%), Belarus (35, 7%), Poland (28 4%), Ukraine (17, 6%), Lithuania (14, 5%).

According to the hotel sector, the region has been visited by 344 274 tourists.

It should be noted that this figure does not include vacationers in private sector though a big increase is observed in this sector as well. On this basis, the Department of Tourism is working on a new methodology of counting the number of tourists that will include the  guests living in the private sector.

Additional research was conducted on the basis of the Land Border Protection Department at the Georgian Interior Ministry. In particular, in January-August Batumi airport’s passenger traffic increased by 30% in comparison with the same period of 2013, the number of foreign visitors who arrived by sea in Adjara increased by 11%.

By  these indicators, the number of arrivals of citizens of Ukraine increased  by  101%, Belarus by 86%, Poland by 80%, Azerbaijan by 38%, Kazakhstan  by 28%, Russia by 15%), Israel by 9.

The number of guests arrived in Adjara by air has particularly increased from Kuwaiti (+149%) and Saudi Arabia (+7%).

There has also been growth in the flow of tourists from Estonia (+ 186%), the UK (+ 57%), Lithuania (39%), and Germany (21%).