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Improved Customer’s Service in Ajara

The quality of customer’s service has been improved compared to last year in Ajara. The Department of Tourism made a research in Ajara with “Secret guest” method and the results were very positive.

Compared to previous research, there has been growth with 10% in high quality hotels. As for the low quality hotels, the numbers have been decreased with 14%.

There were positive trends in food sector as well. There was a growth of 17% in the quality food of cafes and restaurants. The management to control conflict situations is better this year; however, the personal service quality is 1% less.

“We made a research in 150 tourist destinations and we are happy there are positive trends and the amount of high quality hotels and restaurants have been increased.  As an evaluation, we sent the results to the participants of the research, so that they can reflect on their problematic issues and find a solution to them”-declared the head of Ajara Tourism Department, Mamuka Berdzenishvili.

The methodology of “Secret guest” is considered to be the best measurement method in the customer’s service field. Ajara Tourism Department has been using this method to measure the level and improve the quality of the customer’s service since 2014.