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IMF Names 3 Reasons for Not Completing the Survey

IMF names 3 reasons for not completing the survey. As the Fund constant representative, Francois Painchaud declared, one of the reasons for this is a law about National Bank, as well as budget deficit and common projects of the state and private sector.

“Recently, we finished the survey in December, 2014.We were not able to finish any other surveys since then and there are 3 reasons for that. The first reason for it was changes in the constitution. The other reason was that we believe government should create a concrete legislation frame, which enables it to become a copartner in private projects. The last reason was a growth of budget deficit, even though it should not exceed 3% according to the law.

“We believe it will be very flexible if government will pass a law when it should be allowed to participate in private projects and who should take the main responsibilities. It also has to be defined what should private sector be responsible for, in which case government should leave the project and on which basis should they make a decision.”

The government expressed its interest towards new program. ”We are ready to consider all possible choices, but until that we need to know what are the government priorities.