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IMF focuses on Georgia's economy with PM Garibashvili

IMF focuses on Georgia’s Economy with PM Garibashvili

Georgia’s developing agricultural sector, growing export trends and reputation as a top tourism destination is having a positive effect on the country’s growing economy, says the country’s Prime Minister.

Today Prime Minister Irakli Garibashvili spoke with world financial experts from the International Monetary Fund about Georgia’s economic process and macroeconomic forecast issues. The team of experts has closely examined Georgia’s economy for the past two weeks while on a reporting mission for IMF. Today IMF mission chief Marc Griffiths spoke with PM Garibashvili about the group’s findings. PM Garibashvili noted the positive trends in the country’s hospitality sector, agriculture and export dynamic.

He also mentioned the increased number of tourists visiting Georgia and that the Government has been “working constantly” to generate more foreign investments. The sides also highlighted the tense situation in the region and noted that external factors had negatively affected Georgia’s national currency, the Lari, as well as inflow of foreign currency. The same factors also affected the country’s export and economic growth rates. Garibashvili and Griffiths expressed hope that the processes relating to economic growth and export growth rates would be regulated in the future.