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Igor Aptsiauri: Myway Airlines will Perform Flights to 5 Directions in Europe by 2019

By the end of 2018 Myway Airlines will perform flights to 5 directions in Europe. Four directions remain secret, while the fifth one will be performed to Budapest, Hungary.

The company commercial director Igor Aptsiauri told Avianews that Budapest as a tourism destination becomes very popular and therefore, Myway Airlines has decided to perform flights to very Budapest.

“By the end of 2018 we will perform flights to five directions in Europe. The first one is Budapest, but four other directions remain secret at this stage. 

Moreover, Budapest will be the first direct flight from Tbilisi International Airport. Direct flights have been never performed between Budapest and Tbilisi previously. 

At this stage, direct flights to Budapest are performed from only Kutaisi International Airport. In previous years Kyiv and Moscow were the most popular directions, but today Budapest has become one of the similar directions. Besides students, couples also visit Budapest for weeding ceremonies. 

For the first time the direction of Budapest was introduced by Wizz Air and the low cost of this direction attracted passengers. The fact is that the demand for this direction has been growing and that’s why we have decided to launch direct flights from Tbilisi”, Igor Aptsiauri noted.

Currently, Myway Airlines owns 2 airplanes and plans to buy the third one in March 2019.
We remind you that the airline will launch Tbilisi-Budapest direct flights on October 28. The flights will be performed Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays by Boeing 737-800 airplane.