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Adnrey Kuzma

Humanity- Georgia Gives Humanitarian Aid To Republican Hospital

Humanity-Georgia pharmaceutical company has handed over humanitarian aid to the Republican Hospital in Tbilisi, namely, the aid comprises cardiologic and antibiotic drugs for the Republican Hospital patients.

High-quality medications imported by Humanity Georgia will be shortly introduced in the pharmacies of Humanity Georgia’s partner pharmaceutical networks, the company director general Andrii Kuzma said.

Before, the company plans to transmit a certain volume of frequent-use medications to central clinics in the form of a humanitarian aid.

“Our visit to the Republican hospital is the commencement of this cycle. I am glad today the first Georgian patient will receive the drugs imported by Humanity Georgia”, Kuzma said.

These medications are manufactured by the best pharmaceutical companies that own EU GMP certificates and they have also passed serial quality control at the laboratories certified by the World Health Organization (WHO).

These medications are mainly used against chronic illness and they are necessary for patients and we believe our humanitarian assistance will alleviate the condition of the patients who has a vital need in specific drugs. I would like to express my pleasure that our medications are stored in intense regime and at the next stage our medications will be placed at pharmacies of our contractor pharmaceutical networks.

The main advantage of our drugs is that they will be sold at far lower prices in the Georgian market. I am sure the Georgian consumer will approve the quality of Humanity Georgia medications”, Andrii Kuzma said.

At the first stage, the company will import about 250 high-quality medications certified by EU GMP at affordable tariffs. Humanity Georgia has also ambitious plans in the direction of domestic pharmaceutical production. Namely, the company plans to build  a ultramodern pharmaceutical plant worth 130 million USD. The plant will comprise  a quality control laboratory certified by the WHO, the company director general noted.

The Republican Hospital’s director Avtandil Imedadze noted the supply of medications against chronic illness is a significant contribution.

“We expressed our deep gratitude. A certain volume of these high-quality and efficient drugs will be transmitted to our patients and I believe this factor is of vital importance for many patients”, Abtandil Imedadze said.

Humanity Georgia is a dynamically developing company with ambitious plans in the pharmaceutical market and the company wants to become a supplier of high-quality, safe and affordable drugs to the Georgian pharmaceutical market, Andrii Kuzma said.