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Holiday in Adjara’s Resorts has Risen in Price

Recently, Georgia has focused on the attraction of the Ukrainian tourists, who in the past went on vacation in the Crimea but for political reasons can’t or do not want to do that this year.

In general, we are talking about 4 million people, although in reality Georgia hopes to attract a small part of them.

However, a high cost of the Georgian seaside resortsis still a problem.

According to the Ukrainian tour operators, a night in a 3-star hotel in Batumi will cost $ 70 , while in Turkey-  $ 67 and  in Bulgaria – $ 56.

According to the newspaper “Business Rezonansi”, most tourist countries are trying to keep the lowest rates, while vacation on the Georgian resorts is becoming more  expensive, and this is especially noticeable in Batumi, where prices have already risen.

Despite this, the tourist company “Imperial Travel” believes that high prices will not reduce interest in Georgia.

“Until the end of the season, price hikes are no longer expected, as prices have already  risen.Although it is difficult to name a specific reason why  the prices for travel services have risen in Georgia,”- the company says.

According to the tourism expert Marina Metreveli , a rise in price of tourism services can be explained by a political motive.

 “Businessmen are not focused on the long-term and guaranteed income, so they try to pay investments back as soon as possible – this is a purely psychological moment. According to a study conducted by the Davos Economic Forum in 140 countries in 2013, Georgia takes the 118th  place in the customer focus criteria.  Tourist business is not focused on tourists, and this is a very poor indicator. Georgia, as a tourist country, is uncompetitive in terms of  prices and tariffs, and the reason for this is the lack of strategy, “- she adds.