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Hennessy X.O unique odyssey along the legendary Silk Road

Hennessy X.O Unique Odyssey Along the Legendary Silk Road

The Silk Road Odyssey by Hennessy X.O exhibition opening took place on 14th of November in Tbilisi, Zurab Tsereteli Museum of Modern Art and will last for one week. Guests will be introduced to history of Hennessy Maison and Silk Road project exposition.

For centuries, Silk Road has been the briefest way of material, custom and communication exchange. The Silk Road Odyssey by Hennessy X.O project is dedicated to this route full of surprises and its ideology that mixes different cultures and traditions in the context of Hennessy history and expansion discourse.

This year, iconic cognac Hennessy X.O creates celebration from Cognac to Beijing and offers its viewers the glocal traveling experience. The Silk Road adventure is simultaneously global and local (Glocal) – a concept created to represent contemporary artists.

Seven artists were invited in Hennessy homeland and introduced to secrets of cognac creation. After exchanging cultural individualities, seven works of art were established – each one is personal perception and interpretation of Hennessy X.O.

The unique Silk Road route is artistic and cultural adventure. The final result of this experience – embodied in form of artwork will be exhibited in 7 cities. The project includes 7 artists from 7 countries, pieces of work represent personal odyssey of Burcak Bingol (Istanbul, Turkey), Victor Syrnev (Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan), Rashad Alakbarov (Baku, Azerbaijan), Rocko Iremashvili (Tbilisi, Georgia), Vyacheslav Useinov (Fergana, Uzbekistan), Ashkat Akhmedyarov (Astana, Kazakhstan) and Yin Xiuzhen (Beijing, China).

Each piece of art is dedicated to seven chapters in iconic cognac Hennessy X.O’s tasting notes: Flowing Flame, Chocolate Lull, Rising Heat, Wood Crunches, Spicy Edge, Sweet Notes and Infinite Echo.

Artwork showcased on exhibition in Tbilisi is Rocko Iremashvili’s „Equilibrium“. It’s inspired by Georgian artist’s personal odyssey. The installation is a tribute to his adventure in Cognac and Hennessy X.O’s sensorial chapter – The Infinite Echo.

In the centre of the installation are figures of two men: symbol of iconic cognac creators -Hennessy and Fillioux dynasties. The circle, joining two silhouettes symbolises the transmission of knowledge and experience through generations.

Two masculine bodies, balancing each other create letter „X“- a symbol of mystery and unanswered questions, while the letter „O“ represents eternal connection, the combination of these letters is artistic portrayal of X.O.  There’s a projection of kid game „crosses and zeros“ in the background as a connection between religious symbol cross and infinity symbol circle. The installation is completed by a Light-Box made of wood sticks from the old barrels where the Hennessy X.O. complex blends were preserved for years and years.

Established in the French region of Cognac, throughout its 250-year history, Hennessy has created unique heritage based on adventure and discovery. Across five continents, Hennessy justified most important values: excellent savoir-faire, innovation, constant exploration and dedication to Sustainable Development. These values serve as a foundation of most prestigious, iconic Cognacs Maison that is the real gem of LVMH Group.