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Head of Innovation and Technology Agency Giorgi Zviadadze Resigns

Giorgi Zviadadze has resigned from the position of a head of Innovation and Technology Agency.

“Having worked 10 months, I had to leave the wonderful team of LEPL Innovation and Technology Agency of Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development.

I would like to express my deep gratitude to Prime Minster of Georgia, who has always provided efficient support to the Agency and me.

To Mr. Giorgi Gakharia, who had transmitted this agency with absolutely clearly determined tasks to me, an entirely unknown person.

To Mr Dimitri Kumsishvili, who has established the agency and loves it like his own child and he will always do its best for the Agency and each of us.

What we have done?
1. https://gita.gov.ge – the agency site on innovations
2. https://events.gov.ge – the portal of the agency events, all events in the same space.
3. http://coworking.gov.ge – the website for common working space Book the most innovative space free.
4. http://idea.gov.ge – registry of ideas, where, for the first time in the world, citizens are able to register their ideas.
5. http://grants.gov.ge – all grants in the same space, clearly and transparently, for financial accessibility
6. Startup Friendly Portal – will be introduced in May and will offer special conditions to startups for development.
7. GITA is the first state organization, which has fully moved to Cloud services through introduction of Microsoft office 365 enterprise.
– teams – teamwork platform
– planner – electronic portal for tasks
– The most refined calendar
– the safest email
– skype for business

Many other things

8. entirely valuable phone center 00 995 322 004482 (GITA=4482)
9. We have set up a commission for even the smallest grants (5000 GEL). The commission unites representatives of Sakpatenti, LEPL Enterprise Georgia, Startup Georgia, private sector and our organization. All candidates personally come to interviews and listen to open, clear and substantiated position of the commission members.

10. Cyber simulator was arranged for the first time, and the staff is trained in cyber security issues.
11. A lot of trainings and master classes
12. Project: Start Business with PubLab, where many PubStartup were underway.
13. No lobbied employees in the office.
14. we have saved 3 million GEL in 2017.
15. Structural analysis by Synergy Group and mixed action strategy jointly with the Ministry.