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(AP Photo/Lefteris Pitarakis)

Greek Default Postponed? Tsipras Embraces Troika’s Bailout Proposals 

Only God and Merkel know what is going to happen tomorrow, The Economist reported on the anxious mood in Athens yesterday, as the Prime Minister Tsipras government failed to cover its IMF loans. The country was facing economic doom, it seemed.

Today, Greece’s Prime Minister Alex Tsipras has said that his government is ready to accept all bailout conditions proposed by the creditors, with slight changes applied to them. 

“The Hellenic Republic is prepared to accept this Staff Level Agreement subject to the following amendments, additions or clarifications,” — his letter to the President of European Commission, President of the European Central Bank and Managing Director of the IMF, read. 

The letter has become available to the Financial Times Brussels bureau chief, Peter Spiegel, who has Twitted part of the letter for his readers:

The changes that Tsipras’ government requested include the 30 percent discount on VAT proposals. Apart from that, Greek PM agreed to change the pension age to 67, starting October, not immediately, as was the Troika’s request. 

You can read the Greek government’s full letter below: 


Credit: The Independent

The Eurozone ministers are scheduled to discuss Greece’s conditions at 5:30 Brussels time.