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Gov’t Toughens its Tone towards “Tav Georgia”

A very unbalanced agreement was signed with Tav Georgia due to which the company did not fulfill many obligations. Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development  George Kvirikashvili told “Commersant”.

“So, we made a decision to change the format of the contract and get an agreement  under which the company will  pay more attention to the development of Georgia’s transit and air potential ,” – the Minister says , adding that the company ‘s  obligations will be specifically defined.

“Commersant” also posed several  questions to  the Deputy Minister in this regard. According to Dimitri Kumsishvili, the agreement was signed until 2027 and, in addition, a Memorandum signed until 2037 was exists. This time, he  notes, we are talking about the agreement signed  until 2027. The Deputy Minister explains that  a revised agreement will be signed before July 31, that will unite all the obligations which existed before and which now should arise.

George Kvirikshvili states that difficult negotiations were conducted with Tav and  a report prepared by the experts of the  International Civil Aviation Organization  (ICAO)   showed that many complaints against this company were absolutely right.

According to reports, a new agreement on the management of the Tbilisi airport will be signed between the state and the Turkish company “TAV Urban” in late July, – it became known that the period will be reduced from 2037 to 2027.

According to the audit report conducted by the International Air Transport Association, the company is obliged to completely put in order the airport infrastructure till 2027 so that it will not prevent the normal functioning of the airport.

A few weeks ago  the Revenue Service fined the company by GEL 18 million – however, the Service says that this happened back in October 18, 2013, although the information about it was disclosed just now. The decision was made on the basis of an inspection carried out by the Audit Department – it was the audit of financial records of the company in the period from 2009 to 2012.