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Gov’t allocates 50m GEL to support small farmers

The Government of Georgia is allocating 50 million GEL to support 800,000 small farmers conduct agricultural works in spring 2015.

As a result more than 400,000 hectares of agricultural land will be cultivated, officials expected.

The Government-led initiative to support small farmers had already been approved and was scheduled to start from February.

The area of arable land has increased and united new villages of Kutaisi, Georgia’s second largest city, Poti on the eastern Black Sea coast and Rustavi, which is located 25km south-east of capital Tbilisi.

This year farmers will get assistance in a different way. Assistance will be offered to:

  • Beneficiaries who own arable land measuring 0.25 hectares to 1.25 hectares will receive only one plowing card which includes 140 GEL per hectare; and
  • Farmers who own arable land smaller than 0.25 hectares will be offered a 50 GEL agro card.

An official said the land tilling process will be managed by Mekanizatori Ltd and its contractor companies.

Liberty Bank will provide its service to farmers who own agro cards. An agro card will enable them to purchase agricultural materials.

The project will be implemented by the Agricultural Projects’ Management Agency.