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Government is Working on Shaori Lake Spatial Planning

The government is working on Shaori lake Spatial planning. According to the head of Partnership Fund, Davit Saganelidze, concrete proposals for investors will be ready for spring:

“Consulting company BDO was working on this project for a few months and came to a very interesting conclusion, which was about Shaori, Utskeri da Shovi. We are now at the stage of processing Shaori lake spatial planning project, to prevent chaotic development and Construction and after this process, we plan to discuss more exact details with investors,” Saganelidze stated.

As a reminder, this concept is aimed at developing tourism infrastructure, which implies some modern and international level resort development in Racha, in particular lake Shaori, Utsera and Shovi. According to this concept, International brandy 3-4 star hotels, as well as the medical complex should be built in region.