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Government to Arrange Greenery Cluster in Imereti Region

Minister of Agriculture Levan Davitashvili noted that the Government plans to arrange a greenery cluster in Imereti Region. According to the Minister, the Authorities have already started development of the mentioned project on 120 hectare state-owned land.

Several importance factors frustrate to develop the exports direction in the greenery field, including the changing taste of consumers, relocation of consumers from traditional fairs to supermarkets and hypermarkets, ensuring continuous supply throughout the year and protection of standards and labeling requirements.

„We will arrange one cluster on 120 hectares. This is a state-owned territory. The state-owned company will be a developer. We stay open for private companies and we are ready to admit them at any stage. We will transmit the spaces in blocks to our farmers so as they arrange modern-standard hothouses. We will provide technical assistance, financial aid to draw investments. Our operator will ensure packing, sorting and supply”, the Minister said.

According to Geostat, national statistics service of Georgia, in 2017 Georgia’s greenery production made up 7900 tons, including 4500 tons was produced in Imereti Region, 1500 tons in Kvemo Kartli Region and 1900 tons in other regions.