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Government Purchased 30% of Grapes Crop

The government purchased 30% of the grapes crop in the main wine region of Kakheti, – George Samanishvili, Director of the National Wine Agency told  CBW.

According to him, the state bought up the surplus of grapes that has not been bought by the private wine companies.

“I can say that everything was very orderly. The state buys grapes not to get a profit, but in order grapes not to spoil and the peasants not to be  left without income. From purchased grapes alcohol will be produced, which occupies 10 times less space than wine. It will be industrial alcohol that will not be used for the production of alcohol, “- he states.

In his words, other regions of Georgia also started picking grapes, and now negotiations are underway between wine growers and winemakers.

“Although it must be admitted that demand has decreased, and the government will  buy the surplus  in these regions too,” he notes.