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Government Proposes Seed Mandatory Certification Initiative

Government of Georgia has proposed an initiative introducing a mandatory certification of seed materials.

Agriculture Ministry has already prepared a bill and the parliament has already launched discussion process. Purpose of the bill is to ensure a supply of top-quality seed material to the market.

In a year after the law enactment, Government must approve the list of agriculture plants subject to mandatory certification.

Moreover, under the bill, sales of seed materials subjected to mandatory certification is inadmissible  if these varieties are not included in the national list, which must be approved within a year after the law enactment.

Certification process may be carried out by an authorized body of Georgian Agriculture Ministry or an accredited body determined by Georgian legislation.

Certification fees will be determined before January 1, 2019, while sales of uncertified seed materials will be fined by 500-1000 GEL.

Absence of obligatory certification system hinders an inflow of investments to Georgian agriculture sector, the bill’s annex reads.