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Government Plans to Mobilize 60 million GEL from Privatization

In 2018 the state budget is expected to mobilize 60 million GEL from privatization, however, there is no list of specific privatization properties.

BM.GE was told at National State Property Agency that the agency will put out those properties for sales, which the investors will be interested in. Value of the privatization property will be determined by an independent auditor due to the exiting market price.

“The agency plans to intensify sales process with private sector, bolster attracting more investments to the country and creating new job places. Over the past years, like previous ones, the Agency-developed privatization packages will be based on needs and requirements of the consumer”, the Agency representatives said.

According to the agency information, the project of Fifty Properties for Your Hotel will be priority direction again. This project is to promote hospitality sector development in the country. Currently, the former sanatorium of Libani in the village of Libani and hotel Hostel in Mestia have been put put for an electronic auction.