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Giorgi Tskhadadze: GWP will Renew 350 km Long Water Supply in Tbilisi

Georgian Water and Power runs 4000km water and sewerage network in the capital city. Company’s priority is to provide population with stable and quality water supply.

Up to now the company has renewed the length of the 700 km length of amortized network, resulting in a reduction in the number of network injuries by 35% and improved the quality of service.

The company also developed a network of more than 200 km in a network of settlements in Tbilisi where water supply was not available.

“Georgian Water and Power is supplying 500,000 customers in the city with 24-hour high quality drinking water. Everyday we have the most important processes going for the stable water supply of the capital, which means water extraction from the Aragvi gorge, water treatment and filtration, transportation of water through the main waters and ensuring the continuous providing drinkable water to population.

Over the last three years, we have replaced the amortized network of 400 streets in Tbilisi for the stability of water supply. In 2018 and within the next two years, we will invest 200 million GEL in infrastructure projects and fully renovate 350 km of water supply and sewerage network in Tbilisi, “said Giorgi Tskhadadze, General Director of the company.

It should be noted that Georgian Water and Power is oriented on three main directions: it is the arrangement of high quality infrastructure, modern technologies and development of sector specialists.