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Germany May Become Iran’s #1 Trade Partner

CBI Deputy Governor in charge of foreign currency department Qolamali Kamyab said on Sunday that Germany can become Iran’s first number one trade partner due to high quality of German made products, IRNA reported.

High quality of German products and low marketing charges can put Germany as Iran’s first trade partner, Kamyab said.

According to the CBI’s public relations department, Kamyab made the remarks in a meeting with a visiting German economic delegation in Tehran.

This is the third visit of the German economic delegation to Tehran after Iran and G5+1 clinched a nuclear deal.

Iran is very active in the fields of energy, oil, gas, tourism, auto-production, railroad, aviation, petrochemical and heavy industry such as steel, Kamyab said.

Iran is in dire need of technical and financial support in these fields, Kamyab said.

Presently some 10 to 12 Iranian banks use Swift in their foreign transactions and the number will increase after the lifting of anti-Iran economic sanctions, he said.

Germany, Italy, France, Austria and Japan had the highest volume of financial trade with Iran, but presently China, India and South Korea are the suppliers of financial aid to Iran, Kamyab said.

The volume of trade exchange between Iran and Germany are expected to hit 12 billion euros within two years, the head of the German economic delegation said.