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Georgia’s Participation in the New Silk Road

“The fact that hundreds of businessmen and women have come to this Forum is proof of the New Silk Road’s potential.

I firmly believe that trade and commerce will drive peaceful cooperation. I know I speak for all governments represented here when I say that our business leaders are among our nation’s best Ambassadors. They build the bridges that unite us.

Through them, we all share in prosperity. The potential of the new Silk Road is not modest, and neither is the scope of this Forum. We will discuss regional cooperation across a number of important sectors – transport, infrastructure, energy, hospitality and cross-border trade – and benefit from the guidance and input of highly experienced moderators and panelists” – Irakli Garibashvili said when addressing the forum.

According to the Prime Minister, by working together the countries along the Silk Road can transport goods from China to Europe significantly faster and at a fraction of the cost.

The Georgian Prime Minister expressed the hope that participants of the Forum will take part in a number other meetings due to be held between the businesses that is an essential prerequisite for the further strengthening of cooperation