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Georgia’s Exports-Imports Items with EU

Germany, Bulgaria and Italy are only EU countries that were named among Georgia’s ten top major trade partners. According to top 5 exports-imports items:

Georgia exports filbert and nut, wood materials, fruit and vegetable juices, tinned fruits and herbs, flour to Germany. Total value of the exports is 45.361 million USD. As to imports, Georgia imports motorcars, medications, trucks, medical and veterinary equipment and devices.

Georgia exports mandarins and copper concentrates, mineral or chemical fertilizers, wastes and copper scrap, crude oil and ferroalloys to Bulgaria. Total value of exports to Bulgaria made up 178.827 million USD. In turn, Georgia imports oil and oil products, medication, amusements equipment, drinks production machines and auto graders.

As to Italy, our country exports nut and filbert, crude oil and oil products, men and women coats and rain cloaks. Total exports value constituted 69.278 million USD. At the same time, Georgia imports footwear rubs, leather, air-conditioning systems, boilers, remote control.