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Georgia’s new agro guide will benefit investors

Georgia’s new agro guide will benefit investors

Georgia’s Ministry of Agriculture is working on the country’s first agro guide, which will benefit investors, farmers and others who are interested in Georgia’s agriculture sector.

The guide, which will officially be published in two months, will provide detailed information about the country’s agricultural industry as a whole and offer a more comprehensive look at specific topics, such as soil analysis and the variety of crops and produce that can be cultivated in Georgia.

In addition, the guide will also describe the sector’s infrastructure – such as the location of roads, and gas, electricity and irrigation systems.

Georgia’s Deputy Minister of Agriculture, Gocha Tsopurashvili, said Georgia could produce 90 percent of the world’s agricultural crops and the country was going to use this resource more effectively to benefit those in the agricultural sector and the economy as a whole.

“Such a document has not been made in Georgia yet. We are doing this work to create beneficial conditions for investors and farmers so they have all the information they need about Georgia’s agricultural sector,” he said.

“[With this information guide] they will know the real situation in Georgia’s agricultural sector. This is very useful information to know before making investments,” Tsopurashvili said.

Georgia’s Kazbegi region was the first region to feature in the information guide. Immense work has gone into the development of the guide, and today, the guide united information about almost every region of Georgia.

The information guide will be provided on the Ministry’s webpage. Plans are also in place to print the booklets in Georgian and English languages.