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Georgian Wool Enters EU Market

Based on decision of National Food Agency, Georgian wool has entered EU market. The information was released by National Food Agency.

Before, the Agency had carried out due measures for adjusting Georgian legislation with EU standards.

As a result, EU has positively appraised Georgia’s state control system and included the country in the list of third countries, from where wool exports are admitted to EU territory.

“Wool is a product of animal origin and it has entered EU market. Under the agreement, Georgia has already exported 22 tons of processed wool to Great Britain.

Manufacturers must satisfy EU standards to be authorized to export Georgian wool. This process is supervised by National Food Agency.

BY this decision EU has confirmed huge confidence to Georgia. And this trust will stimulate sheep-breeding in Georgia and increase Georgian wool exports potential, Mikheil Sokhadze, Deputy Head of National Food Agency, noted.

In December 2016 EU also finished formal procedures and now Georgian honey is admitted to EU market.